Model Projects

Students in a lab wearing protective googles

Induction for New Teachers

Learning from Long Beach Unified School District

Long Beach Unified School District has established a unique and significant Linked Learning focus within its Induction program for beginning high school teachers. The district’s program prepares new teachers for the wall-to-wall Linked Learning high school culture of the District. The induction resources have been developed for easy adoption by other districts, enabling them to tailor Induction specifically for Linked Learning.

The model features Linked Learning in each of the three central requirements of beginning teacher Induction. First is provision of support by Induction Support Providers and Mentors. This support specifically focuses on enhancing beginning teachers’ knowledge and skills for Linked Learning Pathways. Beginning teachers have been mentored and coached while they worked as part of teacher teams, integrating academic and career technical education and delivering project-based and problem-based instruction. Mentoring strategies assist beginning teachers in these roles.

A  second was formative assessment. The Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT) is required as part of Induction in California. The purpose of the formative assessment is to improve teaching as measured by the state’s teaching standards for new teachers. It includes three inquiry-based assessments. They are focused on pedagogy, teaching English learners, and working with special needs populations. These were tailored for Linked Learning contexts, and customized inquiry-based assessment formats were used in the district’s Induction program, developed for web dissemination, and shared as models with other districts.

Third was beginning teacher professional development. LBUSD has a comprehensive professional development program for Induction. In this project, it added a special focus on Linked Learning. The approaches normally include face-to-face seminars, on-site coaching and support, comprehensive professional resources, and participation in an online virtual community that includes additional web-based learning opportunities. Professional development for beginning teachers was coordinated with the Linked Learning workshops provided for CSULB faculty. The workshops were recorded and video edited to include overviews and demonstrations of the guiding principles and practices, core components, and instructional strategies integral to effective Linked Learning implementation. Candidates in the Induction program and other district employees all had access to these resources.

View the PDF: Creating an Induction Program Embedded With Current District, State, and National Initiatives

Teacher Preparation for Linked Learning Settings

In this presentation made at the first Linked Learning Convention, faculty from CSU East Bay, CSU San Bernardino, and San Diego State University describe how they infused Linked Learning into their Single Subject Credential Programs.

View PDF: Teacher Preparation for Linked Learning Settings

In this Presentation, California State University Long Beach and Long Beach Unified School District faculty collaborated to develop a clinical teacher preparation program for Linked Learning settings. This handbook chronicles their experiences and challenges. The lessons learned should help those who are considering building deeper partnerships around Linked Learning educator preparation.

View PDF: Clinical Teacher Preparation for Linked Learning Settings

Linked Learning Transition to the Baccalaureate

In this presentation made at the first Linked Learning Convention, statewide leaders of the movement describe how to build Linked Learning pathways from high school to community college to university in Long Beach and beyond.

View the PDF: Linked Learning Transition to the Baccalaureate